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Hair Treatments

Image of brush with hairHair Loss

Under normal circumstances, about 90% of your hair is growing, while 10% is in a dormant phase and will be shed within two to three months. It is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day as part of this natural cycle. When a hair is shed, a new hair from the same follicle replaces it. However, whether caused by heredity or other factors, some of us lose excessive amounts of hair, which can ultimately affect our overall appearance and self-esteem.

Although some hair loss is temporary, both temporary and permanent forms of hair loss can be treated. Dr. Vaughan C. Graves offers a variety of treatments to re-stimulate growth, including topical and oral medications, as well as other adjunctive therapies. Just as the causes of hair loss vary widely, so too can the treatment. Dr. Graves will carefully assess your situation before deciding on a course of action and developing a personalized treatment plan.

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