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Image of woman's hands and nailsIf you have symptoms of nail fungus, it is important that you seek effective general dermatological treatment. Graves Derma Care PC can help you with your embarrassing or even painful nail fungus. Both men and women can experience fungal infections in their fingernails or toenails. Our practice can give you the comprehensive examination you need to find the nail fungus treatment option that is best for you. We can determine if a topical cream, oral medication or combination of both would be most effective in treating your fungal infection.

Your susceptibility to nail fungus is actually hereditary. The fungal infection itself is caused by exposure to a specific yeast or dermatophyte. These fungi are often found in warm, moist environments like inside your shoes or in swimming pools or showers. Nail salons can also be a likely place to spread nail fungus if the manicure tools are not sanitized properly.

The health of your fingernail or toenail depends on your choice to let Graves Derma Care PC find a remedy when you have nail problems. Nail disorders may start as a small yellow patch on your nail but will become dark, dull and even painful over time. If left untreated, your nail may even start to emit a foul odor or begin to separate from the nail bed. Consequently, you need prompt remedies from Graves Derma Care PC when you suspect a nail fungus or disorder. Our comprehensive dermatology practice can offer you a full range of treatment options in topical creams and oral medications and other treatment methods to remedy your infection.

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